Kylian Mbappé Nose EurosFrench Star Kylian Mbappé Speaks After Breaking Nose At The Euros [Image: @FabrizioRomano/X]

French star Kylian Mbappé has spoken after breaking his nose in a horror injury at the ongoing Euros in Germany.


The Horrific Injury

Mbappé starred in France’s 1-0 victory against Austria at the Merkur Spiel-Arena in Düsseldorf.

Towards the match’s closing stages, the now-Real Madrid star clashed awkwardly with the shoulder of Austria’s Kevin Danso. The collision left his nose broken, and he could not help but shed tears as blood drenched his face, neck and parts of his shirt.

The team was about to sub him off, but coach Didier Deschamps told him to return to the field. He received a yellow card after entering the pitch without the referee’s permission.

The pain was immense for the 25-year-old footballer, who then left the pitch and walked down the tunnel. Medics later ferried Mbappé to the hospital, and reports suggest he did not require emergency surgery for his nose.

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Mbappé Speaks After Breaking His Nose At The Euros: New Details Emerge

Kylian Mbappé Nose Euros
French Star Kylian Mbappé Speaks After Breaking Nose At The Euros [Image: @SkyFootball/X]


French manager Deschamps expressed worry over Mbappé’s injury:

“He’s not doing well. He’s with the medical staff, and I had a lot of media questions before coming here, so I cannot tell you anything else. But his nose got badly hit, that’s for sure. We need to check that out, but it seems quite complicated, which is really very unfortunate for us tonight.”

The French Football Federation revealed an update:

“Kylian Mbappé returns to the base camp of the French national team. Kylian Mbappé suffered a broken nose during the second part of the Austria-France [match] held this Monday in Düsseldorf. The captain of France was treated first by the medical staff and Dr Franck Le Gall, who diagnosed him with a nose fracture.

“Mbappé will receive treatment in the next few days, but he will not undergo surgery in the immediate future. A mask will be made for him so that the number 10 of the French national team can prepare for his return to the competition after a period dedicated to treatment.”

As news trended globally, Mbappé spoke as he nursed his broken nose:

Any ideas for masks 🎭😅?”

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