Zola 7 AlcoholZola 7 Forced To Quit Alcohol As It Takes A Toll On His His Health [Image: Qwaqwa News]

Yesteryear music star Zola 7 has reportedly quit alcohol as it is now affecting his health, sources close to him revealed.


The Fall And Rise of Bonginkosi Dlamini

Zola 7, whose real name is Bonginkosi Dlamini, has faced several challenges in recent years. In 2022, a video emerged in which the former media personality and actor was sitting, binging on alcohol.

One X personality took the video and shared it online, eliciting so much sympathy and concern. The footage made Zola 7 get media attention, and he explained his issues.

He was open about his struggles with health issues, including epilepsy, which led to financial difficulties. People fundraiser for him, and his life took a whole new trajectory.

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Various entities, including the government, stepped in to assist during the challenging times of his declining health. He also received a donation from MaMkhize, which he clarified in an interview while revealing his plans for the future.

Promoters came in and also started booking him for shows. At one time, there was a festival honou him, and many artists entertained fans and celebrated the icon’s life.

As his life turned out for the better, Zola 7 still clutched onto the bottle.


Zola 7 Quits Alcohol

Zola 7 Alcohol
Zola 7 Forced To Quit Alcohol As It Takes A Toll On His His Health [Image: Facebook]


The Kwaito legend has reportedly decided to let go of alcohol as it is now affecting him terribly. A source told Zimoja:

“His relationship with alcohol wasn’t good because he overdid it, so it’s good that he’s stopped altogether. He used to drink like a fish, and this wasn’t good for him, especially with ill health.”

Another source spoke to the publication and said his problem with epilepsy pushed him to make the ultimate decision:

“His illness is a serious one, and not long ago, he wasn’t well, so that’s part of the reason he decided to stop drinking alcohol. He realised that in the long run, alcohol would hurt his health.”

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