Gareth Cliff In The Dogbox With Black Twitter

Gareth Cliff’s past has come back to bite him!

The social media woke mob is not done “fixing the country” and next in line is the controversial media personality, Gareth Cliff. Yesterday DJ Fresh and Euphonik were dragged to hell and back after trying to discredit a lady who claimed she was sexually abused by the duo in 2011. DJ Fresh was told to reveal a name of a relative he claims made contact with him professing that the accuser was a known pathological liar in the family. Euphonik’s violent tendencies resurfaced when tweeps revisited a case of domestic violence which was opened and later withdrawn by social media darling and influencer Bonang Matheba. Euphonik referred to the mob as toxic feminists and liars for calling out the South African entertainment industry for continually giving jobs to known abusers and repeat offenders.

Next in the firing line is controversial former 5FM DJ Gareth Cliff who left the station to start his own radio station which has since lost popularity. His bad-boy behavior known as shock jock strategy in the radio industry has earned him a place in the SA media industry, but tweeps say that was problematic behavior that was enabled for far too long. The former Idols SA judge went on to host a late-night TV show. Known for his racist comments which landed him at the BCCSA, the media personality admitted to spiking singer, actress, and fellow Idols SA Judge Mara Louw’s drink which resulted in her axing from the singing talent competition.

@THEOKINGB Gareth Cliff spiking Mara Louw’s drink on idols, tells me everything I need to know about the limitations of his evil. HE HAS NONE!

@naydinsky The fact that Gareth Cliff has been problematic for years and STILL has a platform in South Africa is the fucking pits


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