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‘Generations’ Actor Andile Nebulane Accused of Being a Deadbeat Dad

Andile Nebulane, popularly known as Dali Malinga on the South African soap opera ‘Generations: The Legacy,’ is currently embroiled in a deadbeat dad scandal after his baby mama, Amanda Waller, took to Twitter to call him out on his absenteeism.

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Allegations of Deadbeat Behavior

According to Waller, Nebulane is a “deadbeat” who sleeps around, impregnates women, and abandons his children. She further alleges that he pretends to be a present father but disappears for weeks, leaving his children alone while he goes on drinking sprees.

“Some of his kids don’t even know what R2 from him looks like, ke phof,” she added.

Andile Nebulani-Image Source@Twitter

Other Celebrities Implicated

Nebulane is not the only celebrity implicated in deadbeat rumors. Last month, Presley Chweneyagae, who plays the character Cobra on the South African soap opera ‘The River,’ was also called out for being a deadbeat dad on ‘No Excuse Pay Papgeld’ on Moja Love.

In 2018, Prince Kaybee’s baby mama also accused him of failing to make child support payments. Although the woman’s identity was kept a secret, she is thought to be from Limpopo.

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Mixed Reactions on Social Media

Waller’s call-out on Nebulane’s deadbeat behavior has sparked mixed reactions on social media. While some have expressed sympathy towards her plight, others have criticized her for airing her grievances on a public platform instead of discussing the issue with the person she has a child with.

Regardless, Waller’s accusations have shed light on the issue of deadbeat dads in South Africa and the importance of taking responsibility for one’s children.

By Letho