Londeka SishiLondeka Sishi-Image Source@Instagram

Meet Londeka Sishi ‘Nkanyezi’ From Adulting: The Rising Actress in South Africa

Londeka Sishi is the new face on the South African television screens. She is a talented actress and beautiful woman, who has captured the hearts of many viewers since her debut in the industry. Sishi is not just a pretty face but also a hardworking and passionate actress who has a lot to offer to the world. In this article, we get to know the rising star better.

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Her Background

Adulting on Showmax
Londeka Sishi on Adulting-Image Source@Instagram

Sishi was born in the rural area of eMehlomnyana and spent her early childhood with her great-grandmother. She later moved to Port Shepstone, where she was raised by her mother. Sishi is the middle child of seven siblings. She is a shy girl who found her passion in acting. She studied Public Relations at the Durban University of Technology and Rosebank College. Sishi worked in corporate for a while before she decided to pursue her true calling, which is acting.

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Mental Health Struggles and Parenting

In an interview with ZAlebs, Sishi opened up about her mental health struggles and parenting. She revealed that she was depressed and felt like she lacked purpose when her daughter Liyana was born. She said that her daughter taught her a lot about love, patience, and kindness. Sishi is a single parent, but her daughter’s father is in her life, and they co-parent.

Londeka Sishi
Londeka Sishi-Image Source@Instagram

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The Role of Nkanyezi on Adulting

Sishi scored her big break when she landed the role of Nkanyezi on Showmax’s Adulting. The series is set in Johannesburg and explores the parallel universes of four varsity friends. Sishi’s character is a free spirit who loves life and is unapologetically herself. She auditioned for the role while she was still working in corporate and quit her job immediately when she got the news that she had landed the role. She said it was a surreal experience for her, and it felt like God was reaching out to her.

Passion for Acting

Sishi has always been passionate about acting. She said that she was the black sheep of her family and was always doing weird things, like talking to herself and doing drama skits. She used to sing at church but lost interest as she grew older. She said that being in the mental health space helped her identify certain things and find ways to deal with them. She dealt with her struggles by praying, writing, and journaling.


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