Dr Shauwn Mkhize new teethShauwn Mkhize-Image Source@Instagram

In Pictures: Dr Shauwn Mkhize Purchases a New Set of Teeth

South African multi-millionaire and club owner, Shauwn Mkhize, also known as “MaMkhize,” recently visited her trusted dentist, Dr Alexander Faizi Abedian-Rawhani, popularly known as Dr Smile, at the Thinc Clinic in Rosebank, Johannesburg. Dr Smile is known for his expertise in brightening the smiles of many celebrities.

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MaMkhize’s Visit to Dr Smile

On Tuesday evening, MaMkhize took to her Instagram stories and shared a picture of herself inside Dr Smile’s consultation room. From her caption, it is clear that MaMkhize did not only visit Dr Smile to brighten her smile, but also to help save one of her front teeth. She expressed her gratitude to Dr Smile, writing, “It’s always good seeing you, couldn’t afford to lose my front tooth @lexleodrsmile.”

Shauwn Mkhize
Shauwn Mkhize-Image Source@Instagram

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MaMkhize’s Expensive Fashion and Beauty Regime

MaMkhize is known for her extravagant lifestyle and expensive fashion choices. She has also been in the spotlight for her flawless makeup looks and good camera angles. However, as a wealthy businesswoman, she cannot be expected to look like a teenager forever. Despite her age, MaMkhize does her best to look as beautiful as possible.

MaMkhize’s New Set of Teeth

MaMkhize surprised her fans by sharing pictures of her new set of teeth on her Instagram page. The 47-year-old businesswoman looks stunning with her bright, white teeth and has received many compliments from her followers.

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The Importance of Dental Health

MaMkhize’s visit to Dr Smile highlights the importance of dental health and how it can affect a person’s overall appearance. A healthy and beautiful smile can boost one’s self-confidence and make them feel better about themselves. Regular visits to a dentist can help maintain good dental health and prevent serious issues from arising.

In conclusion, MaMkhize’s visit to Dr Smile and her new set of teeth have garnered attention from her fans and followers. It is a reminder that taking care of one’s dental health is essential not only for health reasons but also for enhancing one’s appearance and boosting self-confidence.

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