Get To Know Bikita And The Places To Visit

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The Origin Of The Name (Bikita)

Its name was derived from a mountain in the Mamutse Area called Bikita Mountain.  The speculation says that “it came from the Shona word Dikita which means antbear, which describes the shape of a nearby hill” according to Wikipedia. It was once known as Denga which means up in the clouds and has moved several times to different locations.

Bikita is a district in the Masvingo Province of Zimbabwe. It borders with Gutu District, Zaka District, Chipinge District, Chiredzi District, Buhera District and Mwenezi District. It is located about 80 kilometres east of Masvingo Town once called Ft Victoria. According to the 2012 statistics, it has a population of 162,356 people.


Map for Bikita District:

Economic Backborn In Bikita:

  • Bikita Minerals Mine – It is the largest lithium mine in Zimbabwe and holds the world’s largest-known deposit of lithium at approximately 11 million tonnes.
  • Farming- Crop production in Bikita district has variations of small grains which are sorghum, rapoko and millet with rainfall received. For sorghum, maximum yield is realized in those seasons where there is less rainfall. There is also the cultivation of Harurwa insects during wintertime in Nerumedzo Village.fruits found in Bikita are as follows: Mazhanje, Nhengeni, Guavas, Bananas, Nzimbe, Nhunguru, Avocadoes, Pawpaws, Zvibhubhunu, Blackberries, Nyii, Tsvubvu and other various indigenous fruits.
  • Fishing: There are various big dams in Bikita that breed fish namely: Siye Dam and Rozva Dam
  • Game Park – Devuli Ranch

Areas to Visit In Bikita:

Devuli Ranch


Chakas Lodges & Holiday Resort



Siye Dam:

Musimbira Ruins


Bikita Minerals Mine




There are mission high schools that produce good pass rates and they are in the top 100 in Zimbabwe. The schools are as follows:

  • Silveira High School – This is a Catholic Mission School
  • Pamushana High School – This is a Dutch Mission School
  • Mashoko High School – This is a Church of Christ Mission School