DbnMzansi Wonders Why Focalistic Rejected DBN Gogo For Pabi Cooper [Image: Spotify/Daily Sun]

“He Got Tired Of Digging Gold”: Focalistic’s Shift in Love Interest Leaves Mzansi Questioning Why DBN Gogo Was Left Behind

Reports indicate that Focalistic and DBN Gogo have ended their relationship, and Pabi Cooper, another Amapiano star, is believed to be the cause of the split.

Twitter users in South Africa are disappointed that Focalistic chose Pabi Cooper over DBN Gogo.

Foca and DBN Gogo were a beloved couple in the Amapiano community. Their loving relationship was touching to follow, as seen in their affectionate videos and gorgeous pictures in Paris.

[Image: Twitter/@DBNGogo] Focalistic’s Shift in Love Interest Leaves Mzansi Questioning Why DBN Gogo Was Left Behind
However, their romance came to an end earlier this year when rumors of their breakup began to circulate. It was later reported that another artist, Pabi Cooper, was the cause of the split and is now reportedly in a relationship with Focalistic.

Focalistic, DBN Gogo and Pabi Cooper have not addressed the raging rumours.

Weeks after the news broke, South Africans are still bitter that Focalistic dumped DBN Gogo.

The news of Foca and DBN Gogo’s relationship caused excitement in Mzansi due to Foca’s reputation for being highly motivated. DBN Gogo comes from a wealthy background, with her father being a former energy minister and her mother a successful businesswoman. However, some people on social media believed that Foca was only dating DBN Gogo to gain access to her family’s wealth and connections. Now that the relationship has ended, these individuals are expressing their disappointment.

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“Focalistic was supposed to trap DBN Gogo with at least three kids before leaving her for Papi Cooper. DBN Gogo wasn’t gonna ask for any Papgeld 😭😭😭😩 Ingane bezizodla imali ka Khongolose and live a happily after 😩😩😩😩😩 How can you leave a hun whose father can be president anytime?”


“When you get such a chance, you make sure utya impesu every day just to keep her happy even if the feelings are not there just to secure the bag.”


“The boy isn’t focused.”


“DBN Gogo needs a shoulder to cry on currently, phakathi inside in the DMs.”

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