Themba Broly and Mpho wa WodimoThemba Broly and Mpho wa Wodimo

Big Brother winner Mpho wa Badimo made waves when she went public with her relationship with the second runner-up for the title Themba Broly. The two have been serving serious couple goals ever since then.

The couple recently shared with the world that they were expecting their first child together. This news was announced via a Bona cover shoot that Mpho did and showed off with pride.

While messages of congratulations are still streaming in for the couple it looks like so is trouble in their paradise.

Trouble in Mpho wa Badimo and Themba Broly’s paradise

Mpho wa Badimo and Themba Broly
Mpho wa Badimo and Themba Broly

Mpho went on her Instagram to address Themba’s baby mama saying enough is enough. The expecting mother claimed that she has lost several business deals as an influencer because of the drama that the other woman is bringing to her brand.

In her rant, Mpho takes time to let people know that even without Themba she would still be Mpho wa Badimo and that having a man in her life does not take that away from her.  She goes on to say that Themba’s baby mama has been attacking her and she has been quiet all along but not anymore as she was going to retaliate.

After a clip of her live was posted by an Instagram gossip blogger, many people can not help but want to say their opinions on the matter. This has caused mzansi to have mixed emotions over the whole issue.

Watch the video of Mpho wa Badimo below:

Some people are ridiculing Mpho for falling pregnant for Themba Broly so soon and accused her of thinking that her pregnancy can stop the man from cheating. Others are saying if she as a sangoma can not keep her man in check what hope is there for other ordinary ladies?

Amid all the storm and divided opinions others have sympathized with Mpho and wish her the best in her love life and pregnancy.


By Letho