Thabo Bester

“He Was Conceived Through Rape”: Thabo Bester’s Mother Breaks Her Silence

Fugitive convicted murderer and rapist Thabo Bester’s mother, Maria Mabaso has also revealed that her son was conceived through rape and does not know his biological father.

Mabaso has given an account of her son’s upbringing and background in an interview with Eye Witness News (EWN).

In the interview, Mabaso revealed that she gave birth to Thabo Bester when she was just 17 years old.

Mabaso also shared details about a sexual assault that she experienced when she was traveling with her cousin after visiting her sister.

They missed their bus and got a lift from a man who later allegedly r_aped her.

She then raised Thabo Bester until he was one year old, after which her mother asked to take custody of him.

When Thabo Bester was a teenager, Mabaso’s mother passed away.

Mabaso (58) revealed that the last time she saw her son was in 2004 when he was convicted of fraud in Wynberg and subsequently released into her custody.

Asked what she’d say to him if she were to see him again, she said:

“I will ask him why you do like that; you don’t think about us because when you do that you’re killing me. He’s killing me now this child. I’m scared for the tsotsis [criminals], I’m scared for Thabo. It’s my child, I like him I’ll never throw him away but what he was doing is wrong…”

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Thabo Bester was serving a life sentence for rape and murder at the Mangaung Correctional Centre, a maximum-security prison operated by the multinational company G4S.

On May 3rd, 2022, a fire broke out in his cell, allegedly burning him beyond recognition.

However, in March 2023, the Department of Correctional Services (DCS) confirmed that Bester had faked his death in an attempt to escape that night.

As the police continue their search for Thabo Bester and his accomplice, Mpho Magudumana, a report by TimesLIVE on Wednesday stated that two of the couple’s employees have gone missing.

Sources have claimed that the police were informed about the disappearance of the helper and gardener who worked for the runaway pair.

The two employees were last seen at the couple’s residence in the Hyde Park mansion before they went missing.

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