Dr Nandipha

Love On The Run|  Dr. Nandipha’s Children Pay the Price For Her Alleged Criminal Romance With Thabo Bester

The unfolding drama around the escape of Dr. Nandipha Magudumana and Thabo Bester, is causing unwanted attention that is negatively affecting their children.

Dr. Magudumana, a renowned socialite and celebrity doctor, is believed to be the partner and accomplice of convicted murderer and rapist Thabo Bester.

In May 2022, it’s alleged that she assisted Bester’s escape from the Mangaung Maximum Security Prison by exchanging his body with that of a corpse that was transported by a private vehicle.

After their cover was blown by GroundUp, the two alleged criminal partners fled their rented mansion in Hyde Park, Sandton.

In addition, there are reports that Dr. Magudumana drove a high-end Mercedes Benz across the Zimbabwean border and abandoned it, fueling rumors that they might have been planning to flee the country.

Dr. Nandipha has two children from a previous marriage who were caught up in the chaotic and tumultuous escape from their R12 million mansion.

As a result, she had to leave her children behind and they are currently under the care of her ex-husband.

As a devoted mother who always goes the extra mile for her children, this marks the first time she has ever missed her daughter’s birthday.

According to a source close to Dr. Nandipha, her daughter recently turned 11 years old, and the occasion was marked by sadness and disappointment as her mother was in hiding.

The source described the day as somber and shared the details with ZiMoja.

“We have always celebrated her daughter’s birthdays whether we were at the restaurant or at her home. This time it felt awkward. We still don’t understand why she would mess up the beautiful life she had. Everyone is hurt by her life choices, from her parents to her ex-hubby.

“The father is a good man. If she was a clever girl, she should have stayed with him; none of this would be happening now.”

During the day of the escape, Dr. Nandipha dropped her children off at school and did not return to pick them up as planned.

At first, the children were told that their mother had gone on a business trip, but their friends at school were aware of the situation and were making fun of them.

“Right now, they haven’t been to school… until the drama dies down.”

By jdt