Headless Body Dumped in Cape Town With Head in a Gift BagHeadless Body Dumped in Cape Town With Head in a Gift Bag (Image Credit: X @AbramJee)

In a shocking and horrifying development, the serene streets of Cape Town were rocked by the gruesome discovery of a headless dead body abandoned on a street.

The lifeless body of the unidentified man was found on Monday night, with his severed head concealed within a chilling gift bag

This grisly incident has reverberated far beyond the immediate community, sending shockwaves through Mzans

Headless Dead Man Body Discovered Dumped in Cape Town

The decapitated body was found discarded on the corner of Greyville and Metropolitan streets in Beacon Valley’s Mitchells Plain in Western Cape.

Adding to the horror, a resident reported discovering the victim’s severed head two streets away, concealed within a gift bag.

This macabre detail intensified the shock and disbelief rippling through the tight-knit community.

Headless Body Found Dumped on Street With Head Placed in a Gift Bag
Headless Body Found Dumped on Street With Head Placed in a Gift Bag(Image Credit: Scrolla. Africa)


News of the heinous crime swiftly spread across Beacon Valley, igniting a sense of disbelief and fear among residents. Abram Jee, a prominent figure, took to social media to confirm the shocking discovery, sharing the grim details with the public. He wrote,

“Headless body found in Beacon Valley, Cape Town. Head was placed on top of the victim in a gift bag,” encapsulating the gruesome nature of the incident.

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Police Initiate Investigation

Western Cape police swiftly launched an investigation into the murder, as the circumstances surrounding this gruesome incident remain shrouded in mystery.

Police spokesperson Sergeant Wesley Twigg stated,

“The circumstances surrounding the incident are under investigation,” emphasizing the urgent need to unravel the chilling details of this crime.

Authorities are appealing to residents for any information that may aid in solving this gruesome murder.

Law enforcement agencies also urge vigilance and prompt reporting of suspicious activity.

Meanwhile, Norman Jantjies, chairperson of the Beacon Valley community policing forum (CPF), expressed the community’s profound shock over the incident. He stated,

According to my understanding, this was the first time that such an incident [has taken] place. As far as the CPF is concerned, there have never been bodies found without a head,” underscoring the gravity of this unprecedented event.

Jantjies also acknowledged the uncertainty surrounding the motive behind the crime. He emphasised that it was for the police investigation to determine whether it was gang-related.

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