Minister Taking Back AmbulanceMinister Justifies Taking Back Ambulance After Losing Elections [Image: The Observer/@AfricaFactsZone/X]

A Ugandan minister is maintaining her stance after taking back an ambulance she had donated after losing elections.

The Ugandan minister, Evelyn Anite is thrilling social media users as she is arrogantly justifying snatching back the ambulance she had donated.

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The Unforgiving Politician

In 2020, Evelyn Anite, Minister of State Privatization and Investment, hoped to run for a parliamentary seat in Koboko District in the Northern Region of Uganda. She then donated an ambulance, hoping it would assist mothers and curb maternal mortality and deliveries at home. This was part of her primary election campaign within her National Resistance Movement (NRM) party.


Minister Taking Back Ambulance
Minister Justifies Taking Back Ambulance After Losing Elections [Image: @AfricaFactsZone/X]


Anite however lost the primaries and bitterly took back her ambulance, as confirmed by health officials in the district.


Minister Evelyn Anite Defends Taking Back Her Ambulance

Africa Fact Zone reminisced about the incident on X and interestingly caught the attention of the Ugandan minister. She retorted:

“@AfricaFactsZone, Thank you for bringing this up. First, it’s true I took back my ambulance & I have no apologies for that. Why did I do it? It’s because they didn’t vote for me. So did you expect me to walk away with nothing? Galatians 6:7 A man reaps what he sows.”

One social media user said Anite is shameless. Well, the Minister had energy for days to respond:

“Just like the voters, like seriously why would you vote out someone who has given you an ambulance? I am shameless to the extent that I sold it.”

People felt embarrassed that Anite was bold enough to admit withdrawing the ambulance when she was still a minister. She explained how the election loss made her feel:

” My dear you are not even feeling the pain I went through after losing elections. what makes you think what they did to me was good and what I did was bad. Feel the pain I felt that day.


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In Zimbabwe, one losing ZANU-PF candidate uninstalled the borehole he had donated during the 2023 elections campaign.

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