VW couple dies togetherVW couple dies together

Heartbreaking: Couple Dies In A New VW Valentine’s Gift

Heartbreaking: Couple Dies In A New VW Valentine’s Gift
A couple that warmed the hearts of many on Valentine’s day after the boyfriend gifted his partner a brand new VW Polo died in a car crash this past weekend.

He bought her a car as Valentines Gift. Olympics 🔥🔥🔥 pic.twitter.com/IDEmJXfszB

— K U L A N I (@kulanicool) February 14, 2021

Not everyone was celebrating with them on Valentine’s day as a number of social media users wished death on them with popular “it will end in tears” statements on their posts.

Some even foretold death under one of the posts.

And all these wishes seem to have come true after the couple crushed their new Volkwagen on a tree and died.

The couple, by the name of Jessica Moosa and Lungile Mashele were driving with their friend Mlungisi Madonsela when they swerved out of the road and hit a tree along R571 road South Africa.

All three of them died on the spot.

A community radio, Nkomazi FM broke the news of their death on Facebook last night.

Couple dies in a car crash which was a Valentine’s present

The community radio station revealed in a statement that their memorial service will be held at KaMaqhekeza Community hall on this Friday at 11am.

As a celebrated couple – believed to be devout Christians and church leaders – they had won hearts of so many netizens through how they chose to celebrate their love.

VW couple
VW couple

Upon hearing of the sad news, Twitter went ablaze with many calling out users who were mean to the couple on Valentine’s day after their pictures went viral.

Among those called out were people who had earlier posted that their relationship would end in tears.

It is now a norm on social media that when a couple is celebrating their love or their wins, people wish bad for them with statements such as “It will end in tears”.

In this case, while many wished so, some also predicted that the couple would die using the same car.

Check tweets below

vw! early ticket to death, i gas the poor guy is tired of that chick shem! pic.twitter.com/rRzHQJx32G

— Ignatious (@shady_daville) February 15, 2021

We are at war with unknown spirits pic.twitter.com/PEuR3lo2cw

— Xhosa is 🔥 🇿🇦™® (@TakaTina1) March 18, 2021

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