Bulgarian woman uses makeup to look like Nomcebo ZikodeBulgarian woman uses makeup to look like Nomcebo Zikode

Vid: Nomcebo’s Performance With Bulgarian Face

A Bulgarian singing competition called Kato Abe Kankm Boaa divided opinion on social media last night after one of their contestants wore a blackface resembling South Africa’s Nomcebo Zikode for a performance.

A blackface is seen as a symbol of racism and many media personalities/houses have since abolished it.

But its use, in this case, has been highly debated on social media.

A performer by the name of Marinova was tasked to imitate Nomcebo on her Jerusalema performance.

The artist went extra on it with state of an art 3D mask that resembled the exact image of Nomcebo Zikode.

The audience present for the performance went abuzz seeing the artist’s impersonation.

But when the matter was brought on social media, the story wasn’t the same anymore.

Many blasted her for the racist act.

Woman recieves backlash for Nomcebo Zikode makeup

Nomcebo Zikode makeup
Nomcebo Zikode makeup

What’s this? How did we get here? #Nomcebo pic.twitter.com/wGNANxf4t3

— Man’s NOT Barry Roux  (@AdvoBarryRoux) March 19, 2021

But what’s more interesting is how she has garnered support from black South African fans who applaud her for her artistry.

I stan to be rectified or corrected if I’m wrong but I don’t see anything wrong in this video… I mean Leon Schuster used to do the same this and y’all were cool about it and today other people are doing the same thing y’all lose y’all cool at the same time pull a race card pic.twitter.com/wCgG5Vh1bv

— Gobusamang (@SEBOLA_GOBUSAMA) March 19, 2021

Many do not see anything wrong with the act. They compare it with a random Idols SA performance of any Western songs.

There’s nothing wrong here this is like Idols on Idols they also sing Beyonce, Usher and Brandy’s songs am proud of Master KG and #nomcebo . pic.twitter.com/1adSDUAQ3Z

— Maqhobozakwasani😊 (@NjabuloQhobs) March 19, 2021

The topical issue has also raised one of the old debates on Leon Schuster’s blackface performances.

While others equate it to many of Michael Jackson’s imitations.

Dont put Leon Schuster in this #nomcebo thing… We claim him as our own because he made our childhood awesome. pic.twitter.com/J0NZCRNTBM

— Damian Mda (@DamianMda1) March 19, 2021

Nomcebo Zikode had not yet responded to us on the matter by the time of publishing.

The Bulgarian performer and the competition brand have both not commented on the public backlash too

By Letho