Prophetess Selling Body PartsHow a "Prophetess" Made Money from Selling Body Parts in KZN [Image: Zimoja]

How a “Prophetess” Made Money from Selling Body Parts in KZN

A prophetess was caught selling the body parts of dead people from her church in KZN, leading to her arrest.

She was fined by the local chief.

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The woman, Qokwane Mncube, ran a church called The Followers of Jesus Christ Church in Midlands, KwaZulu-Natal. She is facing five charges of selling body parts illegally. The chief of Impendle, where she operated, banned her church from the area and made her pay a cow as a fine.


How Prophetess Qokwane Mncube Made Money From Selling Body Parts

The clergy got the body parts from five dead people who were members of her church. She cut off parts like ears, noses, tongues and private parts from the corpses and shaved their hair.

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A community member revealed the details of the gory incident:

“She used to ask the bereaved families to accompany her to a mortuary where she would ask for permission from the families to pray for the dead. That is when she is said to have performed these acts of shaving hair and cutting body parts. It is alleged that when she had done all of this, there would be a string of deaths in the families after the burial.”


Local Chief Confirms The Incident And The Arrest Of The Cunning Church Leader


Prophetess Selling Body Parts
How a “Prophetess” Made Money from Selling Body Parts in KZN [Image: The Citizen]


The chief, Simphiwe Zuma, confirmed the story and said he was shocked by the incident, which is a first in his area. The chief added that he is never going to allow such a bizarre incident to happen again in his land:

“The prophet appeared before the Tribal Court after more than five families laid complaints about her activities in the area. We decided to fine the prophetess with a cow. We were also forced to suspend his church activities from his church. This is the first time I have come across a case of this nature, and it will be the last time it happens in my land.”

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