Dineo RanakaDineo Ranaka [Picture: Dineo Ranaka/Instagram]

‘I Am Trying My Best Not To Commit Suicide’ – Mzansi Worried As Dineo Ranaka Opens Up On Battle With Anxiety 

Another celebrity has turned to social media to express her struggles with the demanding nature of being in the spotlight.

Dineo Ranaka, known for her work as a radio personality, recently took to Instagram to open up about the immense pressure she faces, revealing that she is actively striving to overcome thoughts of suicide.

“My mind is so loud of this late, life is hard and I am trying my best but my best seems to be not enough,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

The mother of three called on God and showed concern about her children more than anything.

The star noted that she completely understands souls, spirits and people that commit suicide. “I get it. I get them,” she wrote.

Following a hiatus from social media, Ranaka has recently shared her personal perspective on anxiety. The renowned star explained that during her time away, she engaged in soul-searching and had profound conversations with herself, delving into the depths of her emotions and thoughts.

“I’ve decided to change my perspective on it because I don’t like to spend time with things that make me scared, and that feeling makes me scared – every time I get in a space where I’m feeling a little bit anxious, I get a little bit afraid,” she said in a video.

Ranaka has made a significant decision to approach the anxiety-inducing situations or triggers in her life as gentle reminders to pause, take a breath, and slow down.

She emphasized that she is actively incorporating this shift in perspective into her daily activities and responsibilities, allowing it to positively impact her overall well-being.

“Instead of seeing the attacks as an attack, I see them as a reminder to slow down, like pause, breathe a little bit,” said Ranaka.

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