Dj Sbu Mass CountryAKA’s final album (Image Credit: Twitter @akaworldwide)

“I can’t believe this is happening without you”-Nadia Nakai Speaks As AKA’s Album Is Released Posthumously

Nadia Nakai, the girlfriend of the late South African rapper Kiernan Forbes, posted her thoughts on Twitter after the release of AKA’s new album, Mass Country.

Nadia Nakai AKA Album
The late Kiernan Jarryd Forbes with Nadai Nakai living their best life [Nadia Nakai/Instgram]
Nadia Nakai said she is devastated by her late boyfriend’s latest album being released posthumously and AKA is no longer alive to witness the impact and greatness of his project.

The Naan Meean rapper said that she is very proud of AKA.

“I can’t believe this is happening without you.

I’m so proud of you, baby. You did it. MASS COUNTRY OUT NOW!#MassCountry”


Nadia Nakai featured in a song called “Dangerous”.

At the event for the release of AKA’s album, Nadia Nakai spoke about what it was like to work with her past boyfriend.

Nadia Nakai and AKA shared a special connection when they worked together.

The Bragga queen said that in addition to the song Dangerous, they also made other songs together.

“It was like a part of our love language. It was something we used to do, just the two of us in the living room, and that was just part of our date nights, and it was just like showing love to each other.

“We worked on multiple songs, and this is probably the second last song that we worked on because we worked on a song last week before he passed.”

Nadia Nakai and Kiernan often work together because they are both talented rappers with the same vision.

“I guess it was something we always did, cause we are both musicians and rappers. I always looked up to him..for obvious reasons we couldn’t make music but you know it’s crazy that the moment we were finally able to get together and make music was from a lover’s perspective, not just two artists that are collaborating together. I think that is why it is so special to me…” Nadia Nakai said.