Faith Nketsi-Image Source(Instagram)Faith Nketsi-Image Source(Instagram)

‘It’s not going anywhere’ Faith Nketsi Complains About Her Body After Giving Birth

Faith Nketsi, a popular influencer, took to social media to address rumors about her surgically enhanced buttocks. She stated that her weight loss efforts after giving birth had not affected her buttocks, and that she missed her old jeans. Many people on social media praised her for her natural body, while others joked about how they wished they had the same problem.

Faith Nketsi gave birth to her daughter in August 2022 and shared her birthing experience on Twitter. She stated that it was a difficult experience and that she had begged for a c-section at 8cm dilated but did not receive one. She is still recovering from the traumatic experience and is considering a c-section for her next child.

In her post on Twitter Faith Nketsi wrote:

“I truly love my body né, but after a baby, I was left with a bigger butt and no matter how much I lose weight it’s not going anywhere. That time I miss my old jeans so much,”

Mzansi reacts to Faith Nketsi complaining about her butt

Faith Nketsi-Image Source(Instagram)
Faith Nketsi-Image Source(Instagram)

The influencer who has been always endowed on her backside and envy to many women has only managed to earn more envy from some of the Tweeps who responded to her tweet.

Her tweet got Mzansi talking as many admired how her booty is so natural. While some women do endless squats to get that perfectly shaped derrière, Faith Nketsi misses her old jeans before becoming a momma.

The comments on her Tweet were full of women either envying her or asking her for the jeans she says no longer fit.

Faith has also complained about how she regrets giving birth naturally as she said she was in so much pain. The social media influencer went on to say that for her second baby, she is having her baby through C-Section.

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