Prince KaybeePrince Kaybee x Cassper Nyovest (Image: Prince Kaybee/Cassper Nyovest/Instagram)

Prince Kaybee Takes A Jab At Cassper Nyovest, Reignites Their Long-Standing Beef

Prince Kaybee appears to be reigniting his feud with fellow musician Cassper Nyovest.

Prince Kaybee recently revisited Cassper Nyovest’s freestyle on SiriusXM Shade45, a prominent American radio station.

A few years ago, Cassper Nyovest had an interview on the popular radio show Sway In The Morning, where he was asked to freestyle like every other guest.

However, his lack of lyrical prowess during the performance resulted in him becoming the subject of ridicule by viewers.

Many labeled the Phumakim rapper as an artist who lacks creativity.

Prince Kaybee recently resurfaced a video clip of one of Cassper Nyovest’s low moments during his Sway In The Morning appearance and added laughing emojis to the caption.

After Prince Kaybee shared the video clip of Cassper Nyovest’s freestyle, some Instagram users joined in and made fun of his performance in the comments section. Here are a few examples of the comments:


This is so embarrassing, I literally cannot watch. 😬


No guys come on….. no hate 😢😢… it’s not good, yes but let’s not laugh at him bethunana


“Connect to the heart like the meduuuula …. Whoooo haaaaaaaa!!!!”😂😂😂😂

However, a section of Instagram users was not amused by Prince Kaybee’s antics. They reprimanded him for mocking Cassper Nyovest unprovoked.


That’s a low blow from you shame, I thought you were better than this… Putting someone down in such times we living in, just to promote your music and cloud. 


This guy’s takes instructions from somewhere to start fighting so entertain them on socials. After AKA now this come on msansi let’s not even comment anymore on this. 


This is not funny hle we all start somewhere. 😢

Prince Kaybee and Cassper Nyovest have had a longstanding feud, and their relationship has never been amicable.

In the past, Cassper attempted to settle their differences through a boxing match, but Prince Kaybee cancelled the event.

Now, with Prince Kaybee resuming his mockery of Cassper, some fans believe that he is taking over AKA’s feud with the rapper.

By jdt