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“I Can’t Wait To Die| Gogo Maweni Reveals Her Plan When She Returns As An Ancestor 

Gogo Maweni has shared a video revealing to her followers that she could not wait for her death and that she already had plans for what she would be up to when she returns as an ancestor.

Reality TV star Makgotso Lee-Ann Mokopo, popularly known from Izangoma Zodumo as Gogo Maweni, took to her Instagram page recently and shared with her followers that certain people needed to be dealt with face-to-face without even using potions, and as a result, she can’t wait to die.

In the video, she can be heard saying:

“I’m looking forward to die. I can’t wait to be an ancestor…

“I am going to deal with you spiritually. There are certain people you can’t bewitch. There are just certain people you need to face. “

“I want to deal with these people spiritually. I am looking forward to that,” she concluded.

Watch the video below:


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Responding to the post, some of her followers advised her not to “return evil with evil”, while other followers took her statements as a joke.

Below are some of the comments on the post.


“Don’t return evil with evil. Spiritual people vibrating high have love as love overcomes all evil. Love them, forgive them. Ignore them,”  


“😂😂😂 you’re so crazy, it’s your background for me,”


Ey kodwa, these modern-day Sangomas🤣,” 

Recently, Gogo Maweni has sent shivers down South Africans’ spines after revealing how she bewitches disrespectful people on her Instagram comments.

She said:

“When I’m bored

I read your comments
I choose the rudest one
I go through that person’s profile
I pick a very, very nice photo of you (sometimes with your boo)
I send my P. A to print it out
I keep it in my Ndumba (ancestral hut). Practice makes perfect.”

The traditional healer has in the past made headlines after she supposedly admitted to “dealing” with her baby daddies footballer Siyabonga Zulu and actor SK Khoza.

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