Wife Hiring HitmenWife Gets Life Behind Bars For Hiring Hitmen to Take Out Her Husband [Image: LexForti]

Deadly Vows: Wife Sentenced To Life After Hiring A Hitmen To Kill Her Husband

A Mpumalanga woman was sentenced to life after hiring hitmen to murder her husband. This shocking incident happened in 2019.

Phumaphi Gloria Gwebu(47) was found guilty and given a life sentence by the Mpumalanga Division of the High Court for killing her husband, Sipho Shadrack Dimba (52).

Wife Hiring Hitmen
Wife Gets Life Behind Bars For Hiring Hitmen to Take Out Her Husband [Image: DRUM/Steven van Heerden]
The High Court heard that Phumaphi orchestrated the crime to get money from an insurance company. She paid the killers R20,000 to murder her husband.

Phumaphi took out five insurance policies for her husband, and one of them was worth around R530 000.

The National Prosecuting Authority’s regional spokesperson Monica Nyuswa said:

“The accused pleaded guilty before the court, and in her plea explanation, she stated that she took five insurance policies for the deceased, one of which was to pay R530 000 upon the husband’s death. She waited until the policies matured and then arranged with the hitmen a few weeks before they killed the deceased.”

On December 12 2019, the assassins stormed Phumaphi’s house at Msogwaba Trust and killed the husband.

Nyuswa revealed:

“Upon their arrival, they went straight to the bed where the deceased was sleeping. They grabbed and strangled him to death in full view of the accused. They then took the deceased’s body, threw it into the nearby river, and fled. The accused paid the hitmen R20 000 for the task.”

On December 14, 2019, someone in the community saw the deceased’s body floating and rushed to inform the family. Sipho’s family called the South African Police Service, informing them about the matter.

One year after Sipho Shadrack Dimba was murdered on purpose, one of the assassins felt very guilty and couldn’t handle it anymore. He then went to the police and handed himself and implicated Phumaphi as the mastermind of the murder of Sipho.

Following evidence presented in court, the judge found it justified to lock Phumaphi in prison for the rest of her life.