Lvovo Derrango-Image Source(Instagram)Lvovo Derrango-Image Source(Instagram)

Lvovo Derrango Moves Back Into His Parents’ House

South African musician, Lvovo Derrango, also known as Thokozani Sphamandla Ndlovu, moved back to his parents’ home after a stroke in December 2022.

The stroke occurred while he was performing at the Indwedwe Music Festival in KwaZulu-Natal, leaving him unable to walk. His friend Mampintsha had also suffered a stroke a few days prior, which resulted in his passing. Lvovo was admitted to the hospital and later discharged.

While talking to Zimoja, Lvovo Derrango said:

“I have been going through a lot. I couldn’t stay alone at my place and needed to be home to get assistance; I was immobile. It’s been a rough few months for me. My leg could not work, and I couldn’t do many of the things that I was used to.

Lvovo Derrango-Image Source(Instagram)
Lvovo Derrango-Image Source(Instagram)

“The stroke also affected my movement. I could not perform and make money. I almost died. I thank God I survived. I will always thank God and my ancestors for keeping me alive. I thank everyone who supported me- friends, family, and everyone.”

Lvovo Derrango Moves in with his parents

The 42-year-old singer said he is well, but the journey has been tough. The stroke is apparent in his leg and hand, and he needs his parents’ assistance to move around. As a result, he moved back to his parents’ home for their help and support. Lvovo added that the stroke affected his ability to perform and make money, and he felt grateful to be alive.

Despite the challenges been a source of comfort and sanity for Lvovo. He is currently working on an EP that will be released later this year.

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