"I Have Been Threatened": Robert Marawa Reveals Terrifying Near-Death Encounters and Life-Threatening Attempts ( Image Credit: Instagram @robert_marawa)

“I Have Been Threatened”: Robert Marawa Reveals Terrifying Near-Death Encounters and Life-Threatening Attempts

In a candid and emotionally charged interview, esteemed sports presenter Robert Marawa has brought to the forefront his traumatizing experiences, unveiling shocking accounts of life-threatening situations and attempts on his own life.

With utmost honesty, Robert Marawa bared his soul, recounting the threats he has endured and sharing the deeply personal path he has traversed in order to survive.

Engaging in an illuminating conversation with Dj Fresh, Robert Marawa confronted the prevailing misunderstandings surrounding his well-being, particularly pertaining to the numerous heart attacks that had been reported.

Robert Marawa, a resilient figure who has faced numerous health challenges, disclosed the truth about his journey, clarifying that although he had successfully overcome two heart attacks, reports of a third heart attack were misleading.

In reality, his third hospitalization posed a direct threat to his life, but it had been erroneously portrayed as a heart attack in the media.

There have been attempts on my life,” Marawa candidly shared, debunking the rumors surrounding his hospitalizations.

“Even in the times when people were saying I was in the hospital because of a heart attack and it was my third heart attack, I never had three heart attacks. But I ended up in ICU.The two [heart attacks] were purely cardiac and health-related. That’s the one that was a direct threat to my life but it was reported as a heart attack.”

Reflecting on the terrifying experiences, Marawa expressed the fear he felt during the particular hospitalization that posed a genuine risk to his life.

“Two heart attacks are scary. But I think that particular one made me feel like I was losing my life. I felt the presence of my life just being sucked away when I was there.”

Moreover, Marawa shed light on the toll these incidents had taken on his well-being and the challenges he faced while being threatened. Recounting a specific instance, he revealed,

People don’t know what it is that I’ve had to do. I’ve been threatened. I was in ICU in June/July last year. My sister was shattered. When she walked in, she saw a corpse. But people don’t know that because I don’t talk about it.”

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