Nota Baloyi Berita (Image Credit: The South African/Zimoja)

“I Left As If I Was Coming Back”: Zimbabwean Star Berita Khumalo Shares How She Left Her Marriage With Nota Baloyi Without Looking Back

Zimbabwean singer Berita Khumalo recently shared details about her marriage to the controversial South African music executive Nota Baloyi in an interview with Dineo Ranaka and Sol Phenduka on Kaya959.

The songstress disclosed that she made the decision to leave her marriage after she realized that she was in an abusive relationship.

Berita recounted that when she left her marriage, she walked out as though she would return shortly.

She explained that she left under the guise of going to the shops to return some continental pillows that she had just bought, then came back and informed Nota that she was going to the studio. And with that, she left and didn’t look back.

“The day I found out I was in an abusive relationship, I quickly made plans. I remember I had bought continental pillows, and I remember packing my stuff and I told him I was taking it back. At that moment, I booked myself into a hotel room, and I left as if I was coming back. I still came back, told him I was going to the studio, and I never came back,” Berita said.

Berita revealed that she only realized she had been in a narcissistic abusive relationship after speaking with her therapist.

She admitted that she had been naive and regretted rushing into marrying Nota without taking enough time to get to know him properly.

I really was naive when I got into the relationship. I didn’t take the time to get to know him. At one point, I thought we shared the same type of values,” Berita said.

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