Moshe Ndiki

“I’m Gonna Be A Dad”| Gomora Actor Moshe Ndiki Announces Twin Pregnancy

Media personality Moshe Ndiki has announced that he is going to be a father, not to a single bundle of joy, but to two!

Ndiki recently surprised his followers by disclosing that his surrogate is expecting twins.

The actor who portrays the character of Andile Faku, a teacher in the Mzansi Magic telenovela Gomora, couldn’t contain his excitement


Ndiki expressed his elation by sharing a video of the pregnancy scan while announcing to his followers that he is expecting twins.

Today we went on our final “can we tell people “ scan and I couldn’t be happier, what a journey, what a dream come true.

Between keeping it a secret and getting our go-ahead, all if not most of my friends and family knew cause Yho Good news iyandisinda mna . 🤣

On his 31st birthday, Moshe Ndiki shared that he considers the twin pregnancy as a personal gift, and revealed that he had prayed for this miracle to happen.

I’ve prayed for this miracle of just being a dad, and also this gift to myself on my 31st Birthday, my mom whose now a soon-to-be grandmother. I have no words over God’s mercy and love for me. The past 2 years I’ve tried to live and build a life where me and my child could be good, comfortable, safe, loved and God said “because uphapha “ bamba TWINS 🤣🤣

The actor also expressed his gratitude towards God, his surrogate, and her husband for their support throughout his surrogacy journey.

It’s a funny story how that happened but I thank God and my surrogate, my surrogate’s husband and my family.

My egg donor, thank you thank you.

This journey is not for the faint-hearted and it’s been documented well. For those waiting, for those trying, for those interested
Me and my surrogate have been calling each other “mzali we twins “ it’s always surreal but we prayed over that term cause pregnancy is tricky, it’s sensitive and scary. She’s my real-life hero. ♥️

Having always been vocal about his desire to have a child through surrogacy, Ndiki wrote a touching message to his soon-to-be-born twins, expressing his unwavering love for them and promising to cherish them forever.

My reason to live, my heart, my veins, my love, my twins, thank you, thank you for coming in at just the perfect time, the time you chose the process to say yes, I will love you till eternity, your crazy aunts and uncles are waiting plus your gran😞 I sense she wants you to her self 🫠🌚🤷🏾‍♂️🤣we are all waiting, in prayer, in patience, in love and in excitement.

Doing this alone has led to tears, doubt and one triumph, this is the triumph, you are the triumph ♥️

My song from me to you is “ Your song “,
May I “ Build a big house where we both could live “ ( both as in sobayi 3 ke matsana 🥹

I can’t wait to jam it with you as I have in the tummy till we are old, old enough to sing it with me and for me ♥️ I love you babies ♥️


Get in losers I’m having babies 🤣🤣👶👶

Moshe Ndiki’s Surrogate Journey

Last year, Ndiki sought legal recourse by approaching the Joburg High Court to make the surrogacy agreement he had signed with a married couple legally binding.

Ndiki disclosed that he had a close friendship with the woman, and the couple had willingly agreed to help him have a biological child without any financial gain.

Ndiki further explained that surrogacy was the only option for him to have children related to him by blood, which had always been his fervent wish.

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