Sayitsheni Mdakhi-Image Source@TwitterSayitsheni Mdakhi-Image Source@Twitter

‘It’s not a bad thing’ Isibaya Actor Sayitsheni Mdakhi Responds to Reports of Being a Bolt Driver

Seasoned actor and producer Sayitsheni Mdakhi has responded to reports claiming he has joined the e-hailing service business as a Bolt driver. The rumors, which were shared online over the weekend, sparked a reaction from Mdakhi on his social media platforms.

Sayitsheni expressed his confusion regarding the negativity surrounding the idea of being a Bolt driver, stating, “Being a Bolt driver is not a bad thing. If they said I walk around naked in the streets screaming ‘BOLT’… The only issue I have with this article is that it’s uninformed. I wish they said something about my latest movie, Mkhonto, which is currently streaming on Showmax,” he tweeted.

Sayitsheni Mdakhi-Image Source@Twitter
Sayitsheni Mdakhi-Image Source@Twitter

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Support from Fans

Despite the speculation, Sayitsheni received overwhelming support from his fans and followers. Many of them commended his willingness to engage in honest work and applauded his pursuit of multiple streams of income. One follower commented, “What’s important is that you are pushing this life thing and you have food and shelter. What others think or say doesn’t pay any of your bills. As long as you are not stealing from anyone. Keep pushing.”

Another fan added, “Imali yimali [money is money], whether it comes from Bolt, from acting, or from sweeping the streets. At the end of the day, we all have to feed our families. Big up to you, my brother.”

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Sizwe Dhlomo’s Supportive Comment

Sayitsheni Mdakhi-Image Source@Twitter
Sayitsheni Mdakhi-Image Source@Twitter

Sizwe Dhlomo, a renowned radio jock and businessman, also weighed in on the matter, praising Sayitsheni’s decision. He stated, “Very good move. Appearing on TV doesn’t mean you’re too big for ukuyofesa [hustling].”

Sayitsheni Mdakhi, known for his role as Saddam in the soapie Isibaya, is not only an actor but also a talented writer and producer of the Showmax series Adulting. His versatility and dedication to his craft have garnered him a loyal fan base, who continue to support him in his various endeavors.

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