Kelly Rowland and Uncle Waffles-Image Source@InstagramKelly Rowland and Uncle Waffles-Image Source@Instagram

Kelly Rowland Gushes Over Uncle Waffles (Watch)

Kelly Rowland, the renowned American singer, recently expressed her admiration for Uncle Waffles, a South African DJ who has gained recognition from top international stars. With her rising popularity, Uncle Waffles has become a self-proclaimed international DJ, captivating audiences at various international venues.

Unveiling a Rising Star: Uncle Waffles

During an interview on the Pretty Smart podcast, Kelly Rowland shared her deep appreciation for music and her enthusiasm for discovering talented artists. She specifically highlighted Uncle Waffles, a DJ who has made waves in the industry with her unique style and vibrant personality.

“I love music. I listen to music all the time. It’s really cool to see artists come up with new ways — like there’s this really cool DJ out right now, her name is Uncle Waffles and she’s got so much personality,” Rowland expressed with excitement.

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Recognizing Uncle Waffles’ Talent

Rowland revealed that she had been aware of Uncle Waffles’ talent for over a year, appreciating her artistry long before her recent performance at the prestigious Coachella festival. The South African DJ’s rise to prominence has been marked by her ability to captivate audiences with her infectious energy and unique DJing skills.

Uncle Waffles has garnered international attention, drawing praise not only from Rowland but also from other renowned artists within the music industry. Her remarkable talent and distinctive style have earned her a dedicated following of music enthusiasts from around the world.

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International Success: Uncle Waffles Takes Center Stage

Uncle Waffles has transcended borders and established herself as an international DJ sensation. Her performances on the global stage have showcased her versatility and ability to connect with diverse audiences, solidifying her reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Uncle Waffles
Uncle Waffles-Image Source(Instagram)

With her infectious beats and captivating stage presence, Uncle Waffles continues to create a buzz in the international music scene. Her rise to prominence serves as an inspiration to aspiring DJs and musicians, demonstrating that talent knows no boundaries.

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Future Prospects and Exciting Collaborations

As Uncle Waffles continues to make waves in the music industry, fans and industry insiders eagerly anticipate her future projects and collaborations. With her immense talent and growing international recognition, it is certain that she will embark on exciting ventures and captivate audiences around the globe.

The praise and acknowledgment from Kelly Rowland further solidify Uncle Waffles’ position as a rising star and highlight her promising career trajectory.


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