Actress Simphiwe Ngema Linked To Thabo Bester's Alleged Visitors ListThabo Bester x Simphiwe Ngema. Image Credit: Twitter/ @AdvoBarryRoux

A Peek Into Simz Ngema’s Relationship With Baby Daddy Tino Chinyani After Thabo Bester Drama 

South African actress Simphiwe “Simz” Ngema has been the center of attention in recent weeks after it was revealed that she had visited Thabo Bester, also known as the “Facebook rapist,” in prison.

This revelation raised eyebrows among many, as the former Muvhango actress acknowledged the visit but maintained that it was purely for professional reasons.

Following the initial buzz surrounding the controversial visit, it seems that social media users have moved on from discussing the incident.

Simz has since resumed her usual posts, sharing updates about her son and her relationship with Tino Chinyani, her baby daddy.


Simz Ngema sparked a flurry of discussions among social media users after she issued a statement addressing her visit to Manguang Prison, where she met with Thabo Bester, a convicted rapist and murderer.

Her statement stirred up significant attention and provoked extensive conversations online.

Despite swiftly removing the statement, the actress faced severe backlash from the public for her association with the criminal. She remained a prominent topic on Twitter for several days as people expressed their demands for a thorough explanation, which, unfortunately, she did not provide.

The absence of a satisfactory explanation further fueled the public’s discontent and prolonged the discussions surrounding her involvement.


As time passed, the story eventually faded from public attention, bringing a sense of relief to Simz. She has now returned to her usual activities and routines.

On her Instagram page, she recently shared an adorable post featuring her boyfriend and the father of her child, Tino Chinyani, showcasing a glimpse into their loving relationship.

“If he don’t post me and I don’t post him then we ain’t post to be together. Mpostoli or nothing. Thank you for being my rock Wumpalumpa,” she captioned a cute photo of him and her together.

Heading to the comment section, he sweetly responded,

“The best thing that ever happened to me.”

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