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Renowned musician King Monada, born Khutso Steven Kgatle, was attacked following his recent absence at a scheduled performance. The singer and songwriter, originally from Limpopo, was expected to grace a Valentine’s pre-party at Madupa Lodge in the scenic Bokhuta village, Tzaneen.

However, on the crucial Friday, King Monada failed to make an appearance, leaving his fans disheartened. King Monada Music, the artist’s company, promptly issued a statement, alleging intimidation and harassment by lodge owner Peter Madupa towards King Monada and his family. The statement claimed that Madupa, accompanied by a group of seemingly intoxicated individuals, arrived at King Monada’s residence, violating security protocols and causing property damage.

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King MOnada
King Monada gets attacked for missing performance-Image Source@X

The artist clarified the no-show, attributing it to overbooking and extending apologies to disappointed fans. King Monada explained the logistical challenges arising from multiple gig commitments at various locations. The statement underscored the company’s contemplation of legal action against Madupa to protect King Monada’s and his family’s rights. Despite the controversy, King Monada remains devoted to delivering entertainment services to his loyal fan base, urging them to stay focused amidst negativity.

Organizer’s Confirmation and Silence

Sunday World contacted one of the event organizers, who verified King Monada’s non-appearance. However, they refrained from commenting on the allegations, citing an owner’s directive to withhold discussions until a formal meeting.

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Lawsuit and Mansion Incident

In a separate incident, King Monada’s family thwarted the sheriff of the court from delivering summons to his house. The Limpopo Legends Awards (Lilas) had filed a lawsuit against King Monada for failing to fulfil a booking. He was paid R35,000 as an appearance fee. A lawyer representing Lilas expressed frustration, claiming that King Monada appeared to believe he was above the law.

Continued Resonance Amidst Challenges

Despite these hurdles, King Monada’s music continues to resonate with fans, and his journey remains under close scrutiny by both supporters and critics alike.



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