Slikour and wife in happier daysSlikour and wife headed for divorce-Image Source@X
Hip-hop luminary Siyabonga ‘Slikour’ Metane finds himself in the midst of a relationship crisis as his wife, Melissa Wilkinson, has decided to divorce, citing allegations of emotional abuse and infidelity.
Sunday World has exclusively learned that Slikour, celebrated for his contributions to the music industry, has been left by Wilkinson just a year after commemorating their five-year anniversary.

Allegations of Emotional Abuse And Infidelity

A confidential source close to the estranged couple disclosed that Wilkinson accused Slikour of subjecting her to emotional abuse. According to the insider, she expressed dissatisfaction with the financial and psychological mistreatment she endured during their union.

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Slikour and wife
Slikour and wife rumoured to be headed for divorce after 5 years-Image Source@X
Wilkinson conveyed her sense of isolation in the marriage, asserting that Slikour’s dedication to his career left her feeling neglected. The source revealed her protest against being sidelined in crucial family decisions and a lack of communication about important aspects of their marriage.
Adding to the turmoil, Wilkinson lamented that Slikour engaged in extramarital affairs, terming it the final straw that led to the breakdown of their relationship. The source stated that Wilkinson was heartbroken upon discovering the alleged infidelity and had lost both love and respect for the musician.ALSO READ: Anele Mdoda Stuns Fans with Jaw-Dropping Transformation: Social Media Abuzz

Legal Action and Financial Demands

Despite sharing a residence in the affluent suburb of Edenberg in Sandton, the source claimed that Wilkinson is contemplating moving out and initiating divorce proceedings. She has reportedly instructed her lawyers to notify Slikour of her intention to apply for a divorce decree. Additionally, Wilkinson seeks financial support of over R20,000 for the maintenance of their child.

Slikour’s Response

When contacted for comment, Slikour denied any knowledge of the marital discord, insisting that they are still together.


By Letho