Limpopo Boy DancerLimpopo Boy, The Dancer Overcoming Obstacles And Inspiring Millions [Image: Limpopo Boy/Facebook]

Thabo Matlala, popularly known as Limpopo Boy, is a prolific dancer and has morphed into arguably one of the best and most viral in South Africa.

However, his path has been fraught with challenges. He even had to forego his dream of becoming a lawyer just so he could dance.


Rising from Adversity

The dancer has faced numerous challenges in his journey as a dancer. Limpopo Boy started dancing at six after drawing inspiration from his uncle, a professional dancer. He joined a local dance group called Real Actions Pantsula and later formed his own group, Limpopo Boy and Friends, which gained popularity on social media platforms like YouTube.

Despite his talent, Limpopo Boy encountered various obstacles, including poverty, lack of family support, bullying at school, and discrimination in the entertainment industry. Despite these challenges, he participated in several dance competitions and shows, such as SA’s Got Talent, Dance Your Butt Off, and Dance Africa Dance, impressing judges and audiences with his skills and charisma.

Limpopo Boy’s journey wasn’t easy, and he often felt lonely and depressed, even contemplating suicide at times. However, he remained determined to achieve his dream of becoming a famous dancer and inspiring others.

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Limpopo Boy Now A National And Global Star

Limpopo Boy Dancer
Limpopo Boy, The Dancer Overcoming Obstacles And Inspiring Millions [Image: Limpopo Boy/Facebook]


The dancer’s talent is now taking him to the highest tables, and he is grateful for the opportunities he is getting. He performed at President Cyril Ramaphosa’s inauguration in 2019 and features in the documentary Ramaphosa’s Real Tintswalos, which highlights the stories of young South Africans overcoming adversity.

Limpopo Boy hopes to use his platform to empower and uplift other young people, especially those from rural areas who lack resources and guidance but possess talent and potential.

He also aspires to travel the world more, learn from different cultures and dancers, and collaborate with other artists and celebrities like Cassper Nyovest, DJ Maphorisa, and Beyoncé. Over the past few years, he has travelled to Germany, Spain, Russia, Austria, Finland, Switzerland, Portugal, Belgium and more.

Limpopo Boy’s ultimate goal is to open his own dance academy and studio where he can teach and mentor the next generation of dancers.


By Rumpel