Lamiez Holworthy and khuli ChanaLamiez Holworthy an husband's son-Image Source(Instagram)

Lamiez Holworthy and Khuli Chana Celebrate Their Son’s First Month Birthday

South African DJ Lamiez Holworthy and rapper Khuli Chana have surprised their fans by revealing that they welcomed their first child together, a baby boy. The couple celebrated their son’s first month with a sweet Instagram post featuring a photo of the pair at a restaurant with a cake.

Lamiez and Khuli were nervous and sleepless before meeting their son. Lamiez shared a photo of the couple in the nursery before the baby’s arrival, jokingly saying that Khuli was scared. She said that they were both sleepless with anticipation, adding that their little boy is “the most perfect little guy.”

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Raising Khuli’s Daughter from a Previous Marriage

The couple is already raising Khuli’s daughter from a previous marriage. Lamiez’s baby shower was attended by family and friends, including her best friend, The Funny Chef, who predicted that Lamiez would make a great mother.

Lamiez and son
Lamiez Holworthy and son-Image Source(Instagram)

Lamiez looked fabulous throughout her pregnancy, and she recently spoke out against those who criticize other pregnant women. In a post on social media, she urged people to be kinder to pregnant women, saying that no one has control over how they look during pregnancy. Lamiez called all women who carry life superheroes with superpowers and said that they should be celebrated and embraced regardless of how they look.

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A Word of Caution to Trolls

Lamiez Holworthy pregnant
Lamiez Holworthy-Image Source(Instagram)

Lamiez went on to caution trolls, saying that they should not use her to bring down, bash, or belittle another woman. She added that there is no manual to this life thing, and the least people can be is kinder, as pregnancy is no walk in the park. She said that carrying and bringing a healthy, happy, and normal child into this world is a huge risk and makes her admire every single mother and those carrying life.

Lamiez and Khuli are clearly overjoyed to welcome their new son into the world, and fans are thrilled to see the couple become parents together. With a happy family and successful careers, it seems that Lamiez and Khuli have a lot to celebrate these days.

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