Costa Titch and his momCosta Titch and his mother-Image Source(Instagram)

Costa Titch Fans Demand Answers After Mother Promises to Unravel Cause of Death

The sudden death of South African rapper Costa Titch has left fans bewildered and suspecting foul play after his mother promised to find out what caused his death. Titch passed away on March 12th after falling off the stage while performing at the Ultra Music Festival at the Expo Centre in Nasrec, Johannesburg.

A video emerged shortly after Titch’s death showing the moment he passed away. The healthy-looking rapper was energetically performing with his dancers when he stumbled on stage. One of his supporters quickly hoisted him back up, and he continued with his performance. However, a few seconds later, Titch crumbled and descended awkwardly off-stage to the ground.

His crew and event officials rushed to check on him as he violently convulsed in front of the crowd. They carried him off backstage, and within a few minutes, news circulated that Costa Titch had died on stage during a performance.

The cause of death was not revealed by Titch’s family, leading South Africans to speculate that he succumbed to a seizure. The rapper was buried on March 15th.

Suspected foul play over Costa Titch’s death

Costa Titch and his mom
Costa Titch and mother-Image Source(Instagram)

Nearly a month after Titch’s sudden death, his mother spoke out through his Instagram account and left his fans shaken. She shared an old picture of the rapper kissing her cheek and captioned it: “Love you forever, my son💔 I will always be so proud of you.”

His mother then posted a second picture hinting that Titch did not die from a seizure. She said, “I promise you, my son, that I will not rest until I find out what happened to you.”

Last month, popular American psychic Kandis Starr alleged that Costa Titch was poisoned by a close female friend. Starr added that Titch’s alcohol shot was “spiked” before he took to the stage.

Titch’s fans expressed their pain after his mother promised to unravel what caused his death. However, some fans urged his mother to leave it to God, saying that they loved him and that death was part of life.

Titch’s sudden and unexpected death has left his fans shocked and heartbroken. As his mother promised to find out what happened, fans are demanding answers and hoping that justice will be served.

By Letho