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Dr Nandipha Magudumana’s Brother Reveals Death Threats From Thabo Bester Over Hush Money Demand

Nathi Sekeleni, Dr Nandipha’s brother has disclosed that he demanded R100,000 in hush money from his sister, Dr Nandipha Magudumana, in exchange for keeping quiet about her relationship with Thabo Bester.

On 7 April, Dr Nandipha Magudumana and her convicted rapist boyfriend, Thabo Bester, were arrested in Tanzania by Interpol, Tanzanian police, and South Africa’s Crime Intelligence Unit while en route to Kenya.

The couple was arrested after a high-speed chase that ensued when they were traced from Dar es Salaam to Arusha, which is only 10 km away from the Kenyan border.

Dr Nandipa Magudumana’s Brother Nathi Sekeleni Speaks

According to Nathi Sekeleni, he initially believed that Thabo Bester was a business mentor based in New York, whom Dr Nandipha had introduced to him.

However, he later discovered that the two were in a romantic relationship. In 2021, Nathi posted about his sister’s relationship on Facebook, but the post was later deleted after Dr Nandipha accused him of defamation.

Nathi Sekeleni admitted to eNCA that he demanded R100,000 from his sister to keep quiet about her affair with Thabo Bester. He also disclosed that he was intoxicated when he made the demand and could not recall the details of how he asked for such a large sum of money.

It appears that Dr Nandipha Magudumana did not comply with Nathi Sekeleni’s demand for R100,000.

Following her refusal, Nathi reportedly sent an email to the Hawks (South African law enforcement agency) and the next day, he posted a lengthy message on Facebook, in which he exposed Dr Nandipha and Thabo Bester’s relationship.

“Time to name and shame. Don’t be fooled by her looks and charm. Very evil this girl, Dr Nandipha Sekeleni Magudumana. She is in daily contact with this monster by the name of THABO BESTER, once dubbed the FACEBOOK RAPIST doing a life sentence in #Grootvlei. She even exposes her two little daughters to this monster.”

In addition to his demand for hush money, Nathi Sekeleni also disclosed that Thabo Bester had threatened him with violence. Nathi claimed that Bester had threatened to shoot him in the head.

He further stated that during a phone argument with Bester, a scuffle ensued, and he had to leave his sister’s R12 million Hyde Park mansion in the middle of the night, taking his family with him to ensure their safety.

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