Mai Rumbi Leaked videoLeaked Video Of "Mai Rumbi" Having Tl0f With Her Boyfriend In A Car Goes Viral [Image: X]

A leaked video of one Mai Rumbi having tl0f with her boyfriend in a car has left social media in smoke.


Leaked Video Of Mai Rumbi Goes Viral

The woman, only identified as Mai Rumbi, decided to link up with her lover one afternoon. She took advantage of the fact that her husband was at work and she could go and do whatever she wanted.

The lover drove all the way to pick up Mai Rumbi and they went to a secluded area. They decided against going to a lodge to eat each other and reckoned they might as well have fun in the car.

When the two parked in a secluded area, they went to the back of the car for some fun.

After going to the back, they engaged in some sinful, nasty tl0f. Mai Rumbi was having so much fun with her lover that she was making soft sounds, saying, “Oh baby, I love you.”

For some reason, the boyfriend decided to record the encounter. He was also showing Mai Rumbi’s face to the camera.

Mai Rumbi was closing her eyes as they ate the thing, so she did not realise that her lover was recording her. She then opened her eyes and told her boyfriend to not show her face on the camera.

The two continued having a good time, and the lover was zooming in on their parts during the act.

Watch the video here.

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Mai Rumbi Leaked video
Leaked Video Of “Mai Rumbi” Having Tl0f With Her Boyfriend In A Car Goes Viral [Image: X]


People online expressed mixed sentiments to the video of Mai Rumbi having tl0f with her boyfriend in a car.


“That time you’ll be working your sweat off to give your wife a good life but she’ll be dishing herself out to every dude🤦🏾‍♂️” 


“You guys never learn. Why include a camera when you’re having a private moment? It always, always ends in tears.”


“People will always cheat when they feel like it. You could be faithful, provide her with everything ad be the best husband. But if someone wants to cheat, nothing will stop them.”


“Things that you sneak out to do in secret are the most fun, 😂😂 look at how Mai Rumbi is having a good time😂” 

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