Mzansi Buzzes As TK Nciza Reclaims Car He Gifted His Ex-Fiancée After Breakup

TK Nciza is trending on social media after reclaiming the car he had gifted to his now ex-fiancée, Lebo Phasha, following their breakup

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TK Nciza and Lebo Phasha Call Off Wedding Plans

TK Nciza and Lebo Phasha have reportedly parted ways after dating for over a year. The couple had completed the lobola proceedings and were in the midst of preparing for their big wedding.


Mzansi Buzzes As TK Nciza Reclaims Car He Gifted His Ex-Fiancée After Breakup
TK Nciza Reclaims Car He Gifted His Ex-Fiancée After Breakup (Image Credit: X @MDN News)

A close source, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed the separation, stating;

“The relationship is over and I don’t see them getting back together.”

Gifted Car Reclaimed Amid Breakup

The source further disclosed to Zimoja that TK Nciza took back the car he had gifted Lebo during their relationship after she moved out.

“She moved out, he took the car and they have removed each other’s pictures on social media,” the source added.


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Social Media Erupts with Reactions

The revelation that TK Nciza is reclaiming the car he gifted his ex-fiancée Lebo Phasha has sparked a flurry of reactions on social media. Netizens are debating the move, with some criticizing TK Nciza as childish for taking back a gift he gave during their relationship. Conversely, others argue that many socialites boast about receiving cars as gifts, even when the vehicles are not registered in their names.

Here are some of the reactions;


Taking back gifts is so childish😒😫


Wabona ha kere I don’t take these influencers seriously when they claim men bought them cars as gifts. These cars are benefits of being in said relationship and once it ends owner takes back their cars. We’ve seen this movie enough times to know how it ends.


It ended in tears…It’s never yours if it’s not under your name.


When these bru’s buy these cars it’s more like buying for themselves but allowing you(their hun) use it whilst you’re with them and when things go south operation okwam ngokwam begins. After all ,It was not in the huns name to begin with


What a weak man , who does that?

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