Zodwa Wabantu Exposes Her Kuku While Performing at a Club

Controversial exotic dancer Zodwa Wabantu has struck again.

She is trending on social media after pictures from of her exposing her kuku while performing at a club emerged on the internet.

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Zodwa Wabantu’s Bold Performance at Grand Cafe Sparks Controversy

Zodwa Wabantu was booked to perform at the Grand Cafe in Katlehong, Ekurhuleni. She was dressed in her sangoma beads, a black bra, and a G-string, leaving little to the imagination.

In the pictures Zodwa Wabantu can be seen on stage crouching, left her kuku exposed for all to see. Men in the crowd can be seen scrambling to get close to her.

Zodwa Wabantu Exposes Her Kuku While Performing at a Club
Zodwa Wabantu Exposes Her Kuku While Performing at a Club (Image Credit: Briefly)

Raunchy pictures from her performance ignited a buzz on social media. Netizens criticized her, arguing that she is too old to be dressing and dancing provocatively.

Zodwa Wabantu Defends Her Provocative Performances

Speaking to the Daily Sun after the pictures went viral, Zodwa Wabantu defended her provocative performances, stating that she lives her life on her own terms.

Zodwa revealed that when she is on stage performing, she makes sure, she delivers.

When I’m on stage, I make sure that I deliver. I live my life the way I want it. It’s fine with me as long as it adds something to my bank balance,” said Zodwa.

Zodwa Wabantu emphasized that her body is her primary source of income, pointing to her consistent bookings as evidence of her proficiency in her career.

I get the bookings left, right, and centre. This proves that I’m doing something good, and when I’m entertaining, people are talking. Dogs only buck at a moving car. My body is my source of income. Everyone must understand that,” said Zodwa.

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