TK Nciza, Lebo and Nhlanhla Mafu-Image Source(Instagram)TK Nciza, Lebo and Nhlanhla Mafu-Image Source(Instagram)

Nhlanhla Mafu’s Ex-Husband TK Nciza Finally Marries His Former Side Chick

Lebo Phasha has been promoted. In 2019, TK Nciza left his wife, Nhlanhla Mafu, for Lebo Phasha. Many people thought that TK was just having fun and would soon leave the lady.

But now we have news that TK is promoting his side chick. He has sent his uncles to pay lobola for her. Reports say that they have been together for three years. The two are finally traditionally married to each other, which has gotten mixed reactions from the public.

TK Nciza finally marries Lebo his former side chick

TK said that having a good family structure is important, especially when one is in politics. He also said that he is a private person and cannot share all details, but he is happy. The two have been public about their relationship for some time now. At first people attacked Lebo calling her a home wrecker but with time it has died down.

In 2019, Nhlanhla announced her divorce from TK on Instagram after cheating allegations. She thanked TK for the support they had given each other while raising their children. They will remain on good terms and continue to be great parents to their children.

The two have been co-parenting their kids civilly and leading their separate lives. In December. Nhlanhla became Instagram official with her current boyfriend after they went on a vacation and she posted the pictures on her timeline. No one knows who the man is but they are happy that the musician is moving on and happy with her love life.

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