Ntando Duma opens Daycare-Image Source(Instagram)Ntando Duma opens salon-Image Source(Instagram)

Lights, Camera, Babysitting: Ntando Duma Takes on a New Role with Daycare Launch

Ntando Duma plans to open a daycare centre named ‘Sibahle Siyakhula’ soon. She shared the news on her Instagram stories, but the official page for the centre does not reveal much about it.

The daycare centre will be named after her daughter, Sbahle, with the tagline “Siyakhulisa”, which means “we are nurturing growth”.

Ntando Duma and Sbahle-Image Source(Instagram)
Ntando Duma and Sbahle-Image Source(Instagram)

Ntando Duma built a mansion for her daughter Sbahle to use as a daycare in 2022. She wanted her daughter to have her own space and a beautiful shelter.

Ntando comes from a family of four girls and admired how her mother raised them while living in a shack. Together with one of her sisters, they joined the entertainment industry with her in the acting industry and Lady Amar as a DJ and musician.

Ntando Duma set to open a daycare in Sbahle’s name

Ntando said that she set these goals for herself and nothing could have convinced her to stray from them, even though she craved a new car and other “nice” things. She said that the process taught her discipline and she has been dedicated and straightforward. It has been a journey of sacrifice.

Ntando Duma opens daycare-Image Source(Instagram)
Ntando Duma opens daycare-Image Source(Instagram)

Sbahle has proved time and again that she is an intelligent baby and has even won an international award at the Nickelodeon Award ceremony. Ntando is no stranger to bragging about her daughter and showing off videos of them learning together.

The five-year-old already speaks a couple of local and foreign languages. On top of that, she is an ambassador of a number of brands. Many fans claim that if the daycare is a centre where their kids can be as good at school as Sbahle they will be enrolling their children.

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