When Reality TV Becomes Real Life| Themba Broly’s Tale of Homelessness and Heartache As Marriage With Mphowabadimo Hits Rocky Waters

Former Big Brother contestant Themba Broly is currently lamenting his homelessness after being ejected by his partner, Mphowabadimo.

The once heartwarming romance between Themba and BBM champion Mphowabadimo has now soured, and it appears that any chance of reconciliation is slim.

According to a report by IOL, the pair began their relationship shortly after appearing on Big Brother Mzansi last year, and allegedly tied the knot in a private ceremony in December 2022.

However, their marriage has already hit rocky waters as Mphowabadimo is reportedly not happy with Themba’s “lack of boundaries, allowing his baby mama, Nqobile Khuzwayo, to disrespect their relationship.”

Mphowabadimo also expressed frustration that Themba is often unavailable and prefers to spend time with his friends instead of working on their relationship, especially considering that they are expecting a baby.

Ultimately, fed up with the situation, Mphowabadimo decided to pack up Themba’s belongings and kick him out of their apartment.

According to Zimoja, the tattooed reality star only became aware of the separation through social media.

Last week, Themba was operated on his hand after an injury. Doctors said he risked being amputated.

“The operation cost me R80 000, and the hospital stay was R15 000. I didn’t want to stress Mpho; she is pregnant, and already, you know how stressful pregnancy can be. So, I left without telling her. I told her that I needed some space, just get away. That was a lie; I didn’t want to burden her with my problems. She kept calling me, but I was highly medicated.

“She didn’t say it was over, but packing my things; is a sign. I know I’m not perfect. I am crazy, but I love Mpho. I can’t go back home, and I can’t go to our place because she kicked me out. I only managed to secure a temporary place now. I am going to fight for our relationship; I don’t care who says what. I know I messed up. I will call the whole family if I have to. I just want to make things right.”

After his surgery, Themba slept in the recording studio the first night and in his car the following night.

By jdt