Lynn Forbes AKA's WarningLynn Forbes Unveils AKA's Warning From The Grave In Startling Revelation [Image: lynnforbesza/Instagram]

Lynn Forbes surprised South Africa by revealing her late son AKA’s important warning about his daughter Kairo from beyond the grave.

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Lynn Forbes Discloses AKA’s Warning Regarding Kairo

The third season of the reality show, DJ Zinhle: The Unexpected premiered on September 30. In the episode, Lynn Forbes, AKA’s mother, made a startling disclosure. She shared that AKA, who tragically passed away in February, appeared to her in a dream and expressed his desire for his daughter Kairo to be off social media.

While hiking with DJ Zinhle, who shares 8-year-old Kairo with AKA, Lynn recounted the dream in which AKA insisted on Kairo having a less public social media presence. She mentioned that AKA had never been keen about Kairo being on social media.

DJ Zinhle concurred with Lynn, admitting that she shared the same sentiments. She explained that she had never been concerned about her children’s social media presence until AKA’s violent passing.

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DJ Zinhle’s Family


Lynn Forbes AKA's Warning
Lynn Forbes Unveils AKA’s Warning From The Grave In Startling Revelation [Image: djzinhle/Instagram]


DJ Zinhle is the mother of two children, Kairo and Asante, born in 2021, with her current partner, Morda, whom she has been dating since 2020.

Zinhle and AKA had an ill-fated on-and-off relationship that ran its course from 2012 to 2019. Despite this, they effectively co-parented Kairo. Lynn Forbes, who regards DJ Zinhle as a daughter, remained supportive throughout DJ Zinhle’s pregnancy and the birth of Asante.

DJ Zinhle: The Unexpected is a reality show that provides insight into the life and career of DJ Zinhle, one of South Africa’s most successful female DJs. The show also features her family and friends, including Pearl Thusi, Nomuzi Mabena, and Pinky Girl, and airs on BET Africa, DSTV channel 129.

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