Makhadzi Zimbabwe performance ends in chaosMakhadzi Zimbabwe performance ends in chaos (Image Credit: SowetanLive)

South African musician Makhadzi’s performance in Zimbabwe took an abrupt turn when a person in the crowd hit her with a bottle on stage, leading to her unexpected exit.

Makhadzi had been gracing the stage at the Music Kadoma Festival held at Odyssey Hotel in Zimbabwe when the incident happened. She shared the spotlight with some of Zimbabwe’s music greats, including Winky D, Jah Prayzah, and Alick Macheso.

 Makhadzi Hit By a Bottle Onstage While Performing in Zimbabwe
Makhadzi Hit By a Bottle Onstage While Performing in Zimbabwe (Image Credit: Instagram @makhadzisa)

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Makhadzi Hit with a Bottle During Performance in Zimbabwe

The incident occurred midway through Makhadzi‘s electrifying performance. A video shared by TechMag TV captured the moment when someone in the crowd hit her with the bottle.

The Ghanama hitmaker had been captivating the crowd with her hit tracks when, just five minutes into her performance, someone from the audience tossed a bottle, prompting her to end the show abruptly.

Addressing the audience before leaving the stage, Makhadzi firmly stated,

No, you can’t throw bottles here. No, you can’t do that. Thank you.”

Watch the video below;


Unfortunately, this was not the first time Makhadzi had to cut short a performance due to chaos.

She faced a similar situation in April this year at the Manicaland Motoring Club in Zimbabwe.

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During that event, some individuals in the crowd began throwing bottles onto the stage while she was performing.

In the video that went viral, bottles of various sizes and shapes can be seen being hurled toward the stage, creating a dangerous situation for both the performers and the audience.

As the situation escalated and turned chaotic, Makhadzi was forced to abruptly end her set to ensure the safety of herself and her band.

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