Chaos As Bottles Interrupt Makhadzi’s Concert In Zimbabwe 

South African musician Makhadzi was forced to cut her performance short after bottles were thrown on stage at the Manicaland Motoring Club in Zimbabwe.

According to witnesses, the scene was chaotic after the crowd erupted into confusion and panic as the bottles flew through the air.

To avoid getting hit by the unexpected projectiles, people were forced to scramble and the reason for the incident remains unclear.

Makhadzi, known for her high-energy performances and infectious beats, had been captivating the audience with her unique fusion of traditional and modern African music. Her dynamic stage presence and powerful vocals had the crowd on their feet, dancing and singing along.

But in a sudden turn of events, the joyous atmosphere gave way to chaos.

In a video that was shared by ZimCelebs, bottles of different sizes and shapes can be seen being hurled toward the stage, creating a dangerous situation for both the performers and the audience.

Makhadzi, caught off guard by the unexpected turn of events, was forced to abruptly end her set to ensure the safety of herself and her band.

Social media users were unimpressed by the behavior that was shown by the showgoers. Netizens have since called for shows to be banned in Mutare.

Here are some of the reactions;

Concerts in Mutare should be banned !!


Gaya munhu kutokwira ndege kuti auye kuzotemwa nemabhodhoro haa maZimbo monyadzisa henyu😢😢


She must come back home, she makes good money in bots and SA,


Munomakisa ana Wasu,you should be ashamed


Mazimba atina brain it’s like on every show we have to show our stupidity nenyaya yemabhodhoro iyoyi

The motive behind the incident has not yet been unearthed as some question if it was a premeditated act or a spontaneous outburst.

By jdt