Ntando Duma opens Daycare-Image Source(Instagram)Ntando Duma opens salon-Image Source(Instagram)

Ntando Duma Launches a Children’s Beauty Salon: Sbahle Siyakhula

Ntando Duma, a well-known South African actress and media personality, has announced the opening of Sbahle Siyakhula, a children’s beauty salon. She recently shared the news on social media, expressing her excitement and pride in the launch of her dream project. Ntando named the salon after her daughter Sbahle Mzizi, and she aims to provide niche and bespoke hairdressing services to young children and teens.

A Dream Realised

Ntando Duma opens daycare-Image Source(Instagram)
Ntando Duma opens children salon-Image Source(Instagram)

Opening Sbahle Siyakhula marks a significant milestone for Ntando, who has talked about starting her own business for months. She said, “I’m ecstatic and proud to announce the opening of my first kiddies salon. My dream of so many years finally becomes a reality.” Her efforts are a reflection of her commitment to empowering young girls and helping them look and feel their best.

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The Sbahle Siyakhula Experience

Ntando’s beauty salon is designed to provide a unique and enjoyable experience for children. Sbahle Siyakhula offers a range of hairdressing services, including haircuts, braids, and weaves. The salon’s interior is brightly coloured and decorated with kid-friendly themes to make children feel at ease during their visit. Ntando hopes to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere where children can enjoy their salon experience.

Ntando Duma and Sbahle-Image Source(Instagram)
Ntando Duma and Sbahle-Image Source(Instagram)

Joining the Sbahle Siyakhula Team

Sbahle Siyakhula is looking for dynamic individuals to join its team. Those interested in working at the salon are encouraged to follow Sbahle Siyakhula’s social media pages for more information on available positions. Ntando’s team is committed to providing top-quality services and creating an unforgettable experience for their young clients.

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