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“Stop Diverting Attention”: Makhadzi Unleashes Fiery Response, Clarifies R230K Payment from DSAC

Makhadzi has responded to the Department of Sports, Arts, and Culture’s claim that she received R230,000 from them in the past 14 months.

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The DSAC’s Statement

The Department of Sports, Arts, and Culture (DSAC) released a statement after facing criticism when it was revealed that the Limpopo-born artist had borrowed money from a loan shark to finance her trip to the US, where she won a BET Award.

In a statement, department spokesperson Zimasa Velaphi said they had supported Makhadzi through bookings.

“DSAC strongly rejects the assertion that it has not supported Makhadzi. Over the past 14 months, Makhadzi has been booked by DSAC to perform in several national engagements, receiving as much as 230 000 rands,” Velaphi said.

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Makhadzi Clarifies R230K Payment from DSAC

In her statement, Makhadzi unequivocally stated that she has never received or applied for any funding from the DSAC in the past 14 months. She explained that the department had contacted her to perform at specific events, such as the June 16 celebration and the Presidential Inauguration, and they had paid her for these services.

“She would like to categorically state clear that she has never received or applied for any funding from DSAC in the past 14 months as stated in the statement. We can confirm that the department contacted Makhadzi to perform for the June 16 event and Presidential Inauguration which she did (rendered a service) and the department paid her, that is not funding but a payment for service rendered,” Makhadzi said.

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Clearing Up the Confusion

Makhadzi expressed concern that the DSAC’s statement had created confusion by giving the impression that she was a recipient of financial support from the department. She emphasized that she is not a recipient of any such funding and urged the department to release the list of actual recipients instead of diverting attention.

“The statement from the department is creating a lot of confusion from the heading to the last paragraph and seeks to give an impression that Makhadzi is one of the recipients and is now being published as stated by the Minister Mr. Gayton McKenzie. Makhadzi is not a recipient and the department should release the list and stop diverting attention,” she added.

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