MacG Sparks a Storm After He Reveals His Crush on Nkosazana Daughter

Podcaster MacG has come under scrutiny after he publicly revealed his crush on Amapiano vocalist Nkosazana Daughter.

Social media users castigated him for disrespecting his wife, Naledi.

MacG’s Confession: A Crush on Nkosazana Daughter

Speaking on his podcast show, ‘Podcast and Chill,’ MacG opened up about his newfound crush on Nkosazana Daughter.


MacG Sparks a Storm After He Reveals His Crush on Nkosazana Daughter
MacG Sparks a Storm After He Reveals His Crush on Nkosazana Daughter (Image Credit: Instagram @nkosazanadaughter/ TimesLive)

He opined that she is beautiful inside and out. MacG added that she was marriage material and that her ex-boyfriend Sir Trill fumbled big time.

She took my breath away… I think Sir Trill fumbled,” MacG said.

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Watch the video below;


Public Outcry: Accusations of Disrespecting Wife Naledi

A video snippet of MacG publicly confessing his admiration for Nkosazana Daughter has garnered attention on social media. Social media users criticized MacG for publicly declaring his crush on Nkosazana Daughter.

Netizens accused him of disrespecting his wife, Naledi. They argued that having a crush on someone else while married is akin to cheating.

Here are some of the reactions;


This is disrespectful to his wife. As a wife how do you trust someone who openly say this 😟😟


Crushing is cheating I’m sorry


Now why would a married man say such things? these are the things he should be saying about his woman, only her!


The guy is married and he is here saying such. How will this wife feel about this, what must she do now? Man…MacG respect your wife man 😩


Isn’t he married ? The level of disrespect ! 😳

Supporters Defend MacG: Just a Harmless Crush!

However, some social media users came to MacG’s defense, arguing that it’s just a crush and there is nothing more to it. Others opined that he said it for content.


Y’all need to stop taking it personal in the comment section, it is just a crush hawu. It’s not a big deal futhi don’t trust anything that you see or hear on social media, people are here for the moolah nothing more


We all have celebrity crush leave mac alone


Some of the things macg say is just content knowing people will watch and talk about it.

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