Rethabile Khumalo Hospitalized AgainRethabile Khumalo Hospitalized Again (Image Credit: Instagram @rethabile_rsa)

Rethabile Khumalo’s Health Crisis: Admitted Back to Hospital

South African musician Rethabile Khumalo has been admitted to the hospital again, just a few days after being discharged.

Rethabile Khumalo is not yet out of the woods after spending weeks in the hospital due to poisoning.

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Rethabile Khumalo Hospitalized After Getting Poisoned by Friend

On the 27th of June, veteran musician Winnie Khumalo took to Instagram to reveal that her daughter, Rethabile, was fighting for her life in the hospital.

She disclosed that Rethabile had been hospitalized after being poisoned by a friend.

“So i thought i will keep quite until my daughter is ok…
She is fighting for her life…She has been poisoned by a so called friend,”says Winnie Khumalo

In another post, Winnie disclosed that her daughter Rethabile has been hospitalized for the past six days. She mentioned that Rethabile is in critical condition and has already undergone three operations.

It has been six days now in hospital. So i decided it’s only fair to share with her supporters these sad news. They did operations on her already we hoping that @rethabile_rsa will soon recover but at the moment akukho kuhle. She has been On and off.

Winnie Khumalo called on her followers and fans to pray for her daughter, Rethabile, for a speedy recovery.

“When you pray please include her in your prayers….Ubunzima bokuba umzali, Winnie Khumalo said.

After undergoing multiple surgeries and treatments, Rethabile recovered from the poisoning incident and returned home five days ago where she has been recovering.

Rethabile Khumalo Hospitalized Again After Recent Discharge

However, Rethabile has experienced a relapse, and her condition appears to have deteriorated, leading to her readmission to the hospital.

Her mother, Winnie Khumalo, posted Rethabile’s picture on Instagram and announced that she has been admitted again.

Captioning the post, Winnie wrote,

I have no words.”


Rethabile Khumalo Admitted in Hospital Again After Poisoining Incident
Rethabile Khumalo Admitted to Hospital Again After Poisoning Incident (Image Credit: Instagram @rethabile_rsa)

Meanwhile, Rethabile also took to her Instagram page and revealed that she is in a lot of pain. She asked for prayers from her followers and fans.

Please pray for me…I am back in hospital the pain is unbearable 😔.”

Support Pours In: Social Media Reacts to Rethabile’s Health Crisis

Social media users took to the comment section to offer support, prayers, and well-wishes to Rethabile.


🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 praying for her speedy recovery


Oh nooo! So sorry to hear this mommy. We are standing in prayer and faith with you for God to heal her. Uzolulama, ungesabi…uNkulunkulu unani 🥰❤️‍🩹


GOD please protect her and heal her in whatever she is going through ❤️🙏🏽


Speedy recovery and may God continue to protect her🙏💔


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