Mpumalanga SASSA Witchcraft

Mpumalanga SASSA Office Shut Down After Witchcraft Ritual Caught on Camera

In a strange turn of events, the local SASSA offices in Mkhondo, Mpumalanga, have remained closed for over a week due to a witchcraft incident which was caught on camera.

According to reports, earlier this month, the office manager purportedly arranged for three sangomas to conduct rituals within the office premises, causing distress among staff who have since been reluctant to return to work.

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Video Circulates Showing Disturbing Witchcraft Rituals Inside Mpumalanga SASSA Offices

A report sent to the Social Development MEC outlines how the manager invited these sangomas to perform rituals inside the offices. Video footage circulating on social media captures one of the sangomas moving around desks, using needles and candles while reciting incantations.

Naturally, this footage has unsettled many South Africans on social media. Some have questioned the efficacy of such rituals, while others have suggested ways to cleanse the workplace so that the SASSA offices can reopen. Here are some reactions:

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Public Reactions Reflect Disturbance and Disbelief


Does witchcraft really work mara? If so why couldn’t we use it during apartheid to get rid of those who oppressed us? Also why can’t we use it to gain riches as darkies. Ga espane dai ding. 🤣🤣🤣


Still doesn’t excuse the office being closed for 2weeks. 2weeks pay should be docked off their salary, they were not at work performing their duties. Just imagine if everywhere people were getting day offs because of witchcraft it doesn’t make sense.


They must call in another Sangoma to do the cleansing 😂😂


It’s ridiculous to close offices because of witchcraft. Come on! All because it was caught on camera! These things happen all the time without being caught on camera & life goes on.


Desperate to be recognized, they decided to call sangomas to bewitch hard workers instead of putting in the effort themselves.

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Watch Sangomas Perform Rituals at Mpumalanga SASSA Office

You can view the video of the incident below:

By Tayana