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South African actress and television personality Nomsa Buthelezi recently opened up about how sharing that she was a lesbian cost her her job and ruined her career in the entertainment industry.

In a video uploaded on her TikTok account, the former Our Perfect Wedding presenter bravely opened up about the hurdles she encountered as a lesbian, resulting in the loss of numerous opportunities and gigs.

Buthelezi, renowned for her roles in popular shows like Lockdown, Generations, Isibaya, and Abomzala, expressed the need to prove her talent while navigating stereotypes associated with being a “big girl” in an industry that often favours a specific body type.

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Challenges Nomsa Buthelezi faced while on TV

Despite the challenges, Buthelezi took pride in taking over a show previously hosted by a “gorgeous and nicely figured lady,” successfully boosting its ratings with her charisma and humour. However, she disclosed the harsh reality of being sabotaged by some individuals in the media fraternity who spread false rumours about her, leading to her removal from a show without any explanation.

Moreover, she spoke about the betrayal of individuals pretending to be friends while actually stealing her ideas, damaging her professional reputation. This left her feeling that justice was not served in her favour.

Addressing how being a lesbian cost her

Nomsa Buthelezi sexuality
Nomsa Buthelezi and her wife-Image Source@X

Buthelezi also addressed the pain of losing opportunities due to her lesbian sexuality. She recounted instances of producers and directors turning against her, rejecting her based on their disapproval of her sexual orientation. The hurt from such experiences led her to express a desire to respect and accept her choices, hoping that people would appreciate and love her for who she truly is.

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Empowering other women in the same situation

Concluding her video, Buthelezi expressed her intention to release the hurt and pain accumulated over the years. She aimed to inspire and encourage others facing similar challenges in their lives, conveying a message of resilience and strength.

Grateful for her supportive fans and well-wishers, Buthelezi affirmed her commitment to not give up on her dreams. She vowed to continue entertaining and bringing joy to people through her talent.

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